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360 Sound and Vision takes pride in being truly independent. It allows the company to release entertainment outside of the box and about "controversial" subjects, like its dramatic award winning feature called "The Minority," which is about a man who experiences racism after losing his job, or "Cybornetics", about science & technology run amok.

360 Sound and Vision also releases original music like "The Minority Soundtrack" and B.L.A.C.C. Heart's "Beats, Lyrics and Creativity Combined."

So please visit us at 360 Sound and Vision and discover a new & engaging independent experience today.
Movie Reviews

The main story of Cybornetics is simple, yet complex at the same time. The director, Dwayne Buckle has created many different layers for the story, especially for the lead character, Charles Benjamin, the young man who is transformed into a cyborg, ARC1. His life takes many turns and is poignantly depicted. The social commentary, on urban life as well as the influence of technology on society in the movie, works out brilliantly together. But also those who will not be able to fully appreciate the social commentary in the movie, will have plenty to enjoy while watching this. The action itself is great and the characters are fun. Also the musical score is what helps to make this movie a very memorable one. Dwayne Buckle delivers one of his best works in this new film.
Joshua Child

A cyborg prototype constructed for the military by a team of scientists rebels against his creators by embarking on a mission to uncover the truth about his human origins in this ambitious sci-fi adventure from independent writer/director Dwayne Buckle (The Minority).
Jason Buchanon

A lot of the ideas you’ll see in CYBORNETICS are far from new to the world of science fiction, but maybe you’ve not seen them combined in quite this way. The idea of artificial intelligence seeking its own concept of self is here. As is the cautionary tale of uncautious science, science gone too far, having done something it cannot undo or cannot control now that it’s done. And, of course, the military abuse of science staple. But this isn’t really “Terminator” fodder; it’s more than that, though the comparison is obvious in terms of the what-do-we-do-with-our-AI-now-that-we’ve-got-it motif, also present in the disappointing “I Robot” movie. Anyway, here we have a cyborg created via amazing scientific advances but whose purpose may be nefarious since the project has military applications. What comes next was not in the plans. This isn’t man versus his mistake. Besides being about man dealing with what he has wrought, this is also about that which was wrought itself. Self-awareness is a bitch.
Upchuck Undergrind

I am a huge science fiction fan and I really enjoyed Cybornetics! This movie is about a young man who's life is changed when he is turned into a cyborg. This movie is really more than one movie. It is a human story about a young man who wants to change his life and it is also a story about how new technology may possibly affect mankind. What happened to Charles, the main character was very moving and thought provoking. There are many twists and turns in the movie with many different kinds of characters, which made it very interesting. I loved the science, the action, and the music. It was nice to see a new original movie. You should really check out this film.
Greg Woods

"The Minority is a ambitious and courageous social commentary that questions the current state of race relations in the early 21st century. Passionately produced with strong camera work and a real New York film, this film dares to ask the questions that many are afraid to answer."
Ben Lyons, 'The Daily Ten' on E!

"The Minority".
Comedy is hard, as they say, but satire is even harder. Contoversial auteur Buckle takes aim at the perils of assimilation in this blunt-edged blend of Candide and TAXI DRIVER. 
Black Harvest International Film Festival

"The Minority," is an excellent perspective on what the African-American experience is like in modern day America. Cloaked in humor, this film is masterful in its depiction of true racism. "The Minority," has a layered effect. As you watch the film there is a lot to laugh about at the beginning. "The Minority," has many layers, but as the layers peel off, the raw reality of what the movie is truly about begins to sink in and the unsettling voice of consciousness sneaks up on you. "Is this really how it is?" "This is exactly how it is." Halfway through the movie, the subject matter at hand suddenly is no longer comical; as a matter of fact it becomes down right painful. Dwayne Buckle does an excellent job creating his first feature length film,and the promise of a great future awaits his arrival.
Moe DeNiro Urban Mogul Magazine

"The Minority'"
Convinced that race is a non-issue in his life, Jake Jackson (Billoah Greene) has the rug suddenly pulled out from under him when, on one fateful day, he finds himself subjected to a series disturbing incidences that are all motivated by bigotry and prejudice. Carson Grant, Ava Mateova, Bern Cohen and Charles Gaylord also star in this provocative, independent drama from first-time feature director Dwayne Buckle. 

"The Minority"
Writer-director Dwayne Buckle helms this satirical look at racism through the eyes of Jake Jackson (Billoah Greene), a happy-go-lucky African-American who suddenly finds his eyes opened to the prejudice directed toward him.  - CDUniverse
New Releases

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9-17-2013 - Cybornetics: Urban Cyborg (Special Edition DVD)
9-03-2013 - Cybornetics: Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD/MP3)
9-03-2013 - 3SIXDY - Rise of the Street Scientist (CD/MP3)
​9-03-2013 - 3SIXDY - Mood Beats for Listening & Relaxation (CD/MP3)
9-03-2013 - B.L.A.C.C. Heart: Lost Tapes   (CD/MP3)
9-03-2013 - B.L.A.C.C. Heart: Beats, Lyrics And Creativity (CD/MP3)
10-23-2012 - Cybornetics (DVD)
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